Get ready for Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong x Gourmet Asia at HKCEC, 6-8 September, 2022

Visitors at RBHK x GA

A chance to mingle with colleagues, make new connections, discover products, watch competitions, and taste food and drinks – this three-day event is a much-needed tonic for the Hong Kong F&B community.

Visitors at RBHK x GA

It’s great to have a tradeshow marked in the calendar again! Especially when it’s one of the city’s best.

Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong x Gourmet Asia is a fantastic platform for industry professionals to showcase their products and services – there are some 300 suppliers from the likes of Denmark, Italy, Korea, the UK, and the USA taking part – as well as for networking and trading opportunities.

Let’s dive into some of the main events.

Italian Cocktail Challenge
We’re looking forward to seeing what bartenders create and how well they present at this one, which is supported by the Italian Trade Commission and co-organised with Hong Kong Bartenders Association. Competitors will be using premium Italian spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs and glassware in a challenge to “recreate and reinvent the beauty of Italy in a glass”. Bello!

Wine Tasting Theatre
This is where to head for seminars, workshops, and wine judging and presentation ceremonies by industry experts. And get their insights on the latest market trends, wine appreciation tips and tasting techniques. There should be plenty to raise a glass to here.

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Hong Kong Coffee in Good Spirits Championship
Follow the smell of coffee to find baristas competing to create hot and cold coffee-and-alcohol drinks, from traditional Irish Coffee to unique cocktail combinations. The champion gets to represent Hong Kong in the World Competition next year.

Hong Kong Latte Art Championship 
Artistic expression in milk drinks is the focus here. To win – and also have the chance to compete in next year’s World Competition – baristas will have to showcase their most complex and visually appealing latte art designs.

Pairing Sensations
Chefs and sommeliers will present the philosophy and stories behind their food and beverage pairings. Winners will be announced on the first day of the show, and the public will be able to taste them at winning restaurants at a later date.

The Best of the Best MASTERCHEF Recommendation Restaurant
Organised by the Asia Art of Cuisine Society, this will crown restaurants that provide customers with the best food and hospitality experience.

Industry Awards and Recognitions
These include: Hong Kong Best Spirits Awards for bars, restaurants, hotels, and the spirits themselves, Hong Kong Washu Awards for Japanese sake, wine, fruit liqueur and spirits, as judged by an all-female panel of experts and, Wine Luxe International Awards, which awards platinum (highest), gold, silver and bronze awards to wines.

So, plenty for us to explore, get involved in and enjoy. See you there!

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