Bar Talk was founded by seasoned writers Maggie Beale – a Scot with an eye for adventure, a nose for wine and a passion for people – and her life-and-business partner, Thomas Lim, who had a heart of gold, a penchant for ice in his beer and a laugh like a drain.

Their journey began when they met in the UK. Both were keen travellers. So it was off to Italy where they helped friends turn their failing restaurant business into a success and then on to Hong Kong – a place Maggie had always wanted to visit. They arrived in 1986 and called it home for 33 years.

Wanderlust took the couple to some of the world’s finest vineyards, wineries, bars and restaurants. They chatted easily with people from all walks of life and made friends with winemakers, chefs and bartenders, who appreciated their knowledge and expert palates. Everyone who met them revelled in their joie de vivre.

Maggie and Thomas launched the print edition of Bar Talk magazine in 2008 with the genuine desire to champion and empower Hong Kong and Macau’s F&B professionals, cultivate a vibrant home-grown scene and share knowledge. They achieved that – and more – over the next 11 years.

They also organised masterclasses and successful cocktail competitions, bringing brands and bartenders together, and their expertise was sought out by up-and-coming bar talent and industry professionals alike. Their events were always well-attended.

bartalkhk.com retains the spirit and intentions of the original magazine by being vibrant, positive, informative and fun.

My name is Martine and I’m Maggie’s daughter. I’m proud to continue Maggie and Thomas’s legacy and celebrate two sparkling souls who embraced and encouraged all to live the good life.