Shtox rotating crystal glasses put a fun spin on drink presentations and imbibing

Shtox rotating glasses offer an eye-catching way for bartenders to present their latest cocktail creations – and drinkers bored with scrolling their phone something else to do with their hands while sitting at a bar.

The glasses sit flush on a surface and all it takes is a gentle twist of the hand to get them rotating. They don’t wobble, spin out of control or spill a drop of drink in the process.

They are made from high-quality crystal and handcrafted at Nachtmann in Germany – which has been a glassmaker since 1834 and is the oldest glass manufacturer in Europe.

So, how do these glasses spin? Because of the 1mm nipple-like shape on the base of the glass that is hand ground by experts at Nachtmann. Others have tried to copy this patented innovation without success, making Shtox glasses unique.

The glasses come with different cut-glass designs, including wavy lines that when in motion swirl, mesmerise and soothe even the most pounding of hangovers.

These Red Dot award-winning tumblers are ideal for whiskies and rums as each rotation helps to release their aromas, and for giving colourful cocktails Insta-worthy appeal.

They’re also great for getting conversations started in bars, making an impression while entertaining at home and for gifting.

Give them a whirl and see for yourself.

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